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Rehearsal Terms & Conditions



1.1 By booking a rehearsal room, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of use.
1.1.1 You agree that:
a. This User Agreement governs the terms and conditions of hire of a Rehearsal Room.
b. We may Amend, revise or update the terms and conditions of this User Agreement at any time
and without prior notice to You.


2.1 You are responsible for covering the full cost of the Hire Time and payment is taken at the time of booking. Late payment will lead to an additional fee, and refusal to pay will lead to possible prosecution. Current prices for the hire of rehearsal rooms can be found on the Website.


4.1 All Users are required to familiarise themselves, and comply with, all fire regulation, evacuation procedures and health and safety requirements of 22 Studios.


5.1 As the User making the booking, You are responsible for every person whom You are booking on behalf of.
If at any time during your Hire Time or thereafter, damage or theft of 22 Studios property is discovered, You will be charged for the replacement or repair (at 22 Studios discretion). Refusal to pay for breakages will lead to exclusion of You and possible prosecution.
5.2 If an item of equipment is damaged or missing at the start of Your Hire Time it must be reported to a 22 Studios employee immediately.


6.1 You must ensure that your invitees adhere to these terms. Food is restricted in the Rehearsal Room and only non-alcoholic drinks will be permitted in the Rehearsal Room; however, this must not be placed on any equipment under any circumstances.
6.2 Any equipment located in Your booked Rehearsal Room is available for use by You and Your invitees should You choose to use it. If You require a certain piece of equipment You must make this clear during the booking of Your Hire Time, and if available Our employees will organise the equipment for Your Hire Time.
6.3 Any Pa or monitor equipment located in Your booked Rehearsal Room will be setup and packed down by Our employees, please refrain from attempting to setup the equipment Yourself as this can lead to damage, which will be dealt with in accordance with section 5.
6.4 You will be expected to leave the Rehearsal Room (and the reception and kitchen area) in the condition in which You find them and ensure that You remove all Your personal belongings and any rubbish at the end of Your Hire Time. (excludes permanent hire rooms)
6.5 There is a strict no smoking policy at 22 Studio’s. We reserve the right to eject any person who is caught in violation of this policy.
6.6 22 Studios operates a zero tolerance policy on drugs. If You are suspected of or are found to be in possession of any class of drugs on the premises, You will be immediately ejected, the authorities contacted, and will lead to Your exclusion.
6.7 You shall not in any way behave in a manner, which may result in annoyance or disturbance to owners and occupiers of premises surrounding The Unit. You shall not use the Rehearsal Room in any way which may result in annoyance or disturbance to the other occupiers or users of The Unit. We reserve the right to eject any person whose behaviour We consider inappropriate in Our absolute discretion. No refund will be payable for any lost Hire Time if a person is ejected.
6.8 You will be responsible for keeping proper order during the Hire Time and for ensuring that all invitees conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and comply with all rules of 22 Studio’s. We reserve the right to refuse to admit to, or direct the removal from, Twenty Two Studios, any person who, in our opinion, is not fit and of a proper demeanour to be on the premises, this includes but is not limited to a state of sobriety.
6.9 We encourage the use of earplugs in the rehearsal environment, and from time to time will have them on sale. Please ensure that used ear plugs are removed at the end of Your Hire Time.

6.9.1 The use of hire is for purpose of rehearsal and practice only. Recording in a rehearsal room is not included as part of the rehearsal room rates and is charged at a different rate.


7.1 Car parking is at You and Your invitees own risk. We cannot be held accountable for any
losses incurred by You in relation to the parking of Your vehicles.


8.1 Nothing in this User Agreement excludes any liability that We may not lawfully exclude under contract, including by not limited to personal injury or death caused by Our negligence.
8.2 You agree that We will have no liability and will not be obligated to make any refund and shall otherwise not be responsible in the event of any: –
8.2.1 Delay, cancellation, or strike, riots, floods, acts of god, security breach, technological failure, health scares, or any other cause beyond our control, and further that We shall not have any responsibility for any additional expense resulting from any such acts or events or from any acts of any government or authority.
8.2.2 In no event shall We be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of, or in any way connected with, the use of a Rehearsal Room, whether based on contract, tort, strict liability, or otherwise, even if We have been advised of the possibility of damages, except where We may not lawfully exclude such liability under contract.
8.3 We accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to any articles (including personal belongings) brought on to the premises by You or your invitees.


9.1 As a condition of Your use of a Rehearsal Room, You agree that You will not use a Rehearsal Room for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by, or inconsistent with, this User Agreement.


10.1 Any personal information You provide to us for the purposes of making a booking will be retained securely and may be used by Us to contact you in the future in relation to other activities. We will not, without Your prior consent pass on your personal information to any third parties. You have the right to request a copy of You personal information at any time.


11.1 No contract will exist under this User Agreement for the booking of a Rehearsal Room at The Unit until
We formally accept Your booking and enter it into our calendar.
11.2 Our acceptance will be deemed complete and to have been effectively communicated to You for all purposes at the time the Your booking is entered into out calendar.


“Hire Time” means the agreed time of rehearsal.
“You” means the individual who makes the booking.
“User”, “Users” means the individual or individuals using the Rehearsal Room/Rooms.
“Rehearsal Room” means a room dedicated to practicing and playing of music
“The Unit” means the premises at Unit 22, Acacia Close, Cherry Court Way, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4QE.
“User Agreement” means these terms and conditions.
“We”, “Our”, “Us” means 22 Studios
“Website” means

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