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Studio Equiptment

Control Room

On Board


A fully equip Control room, comfortable with everything you need to create!

Mac studio 

Focusrite Clarret+

Logic Pro x




Yamaha HS8

Yamaha HS5

Behringer Powerplay 16

Behringer monitor mixers x3 P16-M

Behringer Powerplay p16-D Ultranet 

Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

Beyerdrynamic DT150

Focusrite ISA 428 Pre Amps

Focusrite ISA 430 Channel Strip (Porducer pack)

Focusrite clarett octopre

Focusrite saffire Octopre MKi

Joe Meek VC1 Mic Pre & Compressor

Empirical Labs distressor EL8



Live & Hire Gear

Akg c241 x2

Neumann TLM103 x1

Akg C451b x1

Akg P170 x2

Akg D112

Rode NT55 x2

SM57 x4

Shure 52a beta x1

Shure 58a beta x1

Shure 91a

Shure sm58 x 6

Seinheiser E609

Seinheiser C241’s x2

Solomon Sub Kick

SE electronics voodoo VR1 Ribbon mic 

Audix D6

Audix D2

Drum kits


Natal Cafe Racer 5piece

Tama Star Classic 3 peice 

Mapex Pro M kit


Fender Telecaster

Fender Telecaster Troublemaker

Fender Stratocaster x2

Various custom Guitars made by Bear Guitars including a lovely baritone.

Bass Guitars

Ibanez Acoustic Bass

Fender Mustang Jazz bass

Pa speakers

Mackie 15a Thumps Pa speakers pair

Mackie 15 Thump pa speakers pair

Mackie SA1232 Pair

DB Technology Flexys pair



Mackie SWA1501 Subs Pair



Yamaha MG20XU Mixer

Yamaha MG10XU mixer



Marshall JCM 800 Head

Marshall JCM 800 Cab


Marshall JCM 900

Marshall JCM 900 Cab


Marshall Valvestate 100w


Fender Princeton 15w

Fender Bassbreaker Head 15w

Fender Bassbreaker twin cab

Fender Frontman 100w


Vox AC30

Vox AC15


Trace Elliot Bass Stack

Fender Rumble 500

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