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We are Open

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE- The Studio is open!!!

From the Musicians Union:

TIER 2: High Alert

‘Professional Activity: Recording & rehearsal studios remain open for professional use where the studio is a COVID-secure venue.’ You can read the updates here:

The Dept of Culture, Media and Sport and MU say:

‘The DCMS confirms that bands and individuals can still rehearse from Covid-secure venues, such as rehearsal studios, provided that they are a “working” band or individual, and that their “work” cannot be carried out at home.’

‘By a “working” band – we understand this to apply to both professionals and part-time professionals, provided they are meeting with the purpose of rehearsing towards potential or actual paid engagements.’

‘The same would apply to an individual musician who is unable to practice at home, and would need to use a rehearsal studio to keep their skills in order, for when they are able to return to live performance again.’

So basically as long as you’re not booking to socialise only and you’re rehearsing for the purpose of payment or to keep your skills in order and you adhere to our Covid-19 guidelines, we will be open as normal.

The guidelines can be a bit confusing. Especially when it’s explaining about mixing households. We need to remember, musicians are professionals in their own right.

We are doing all we can to ensure you are safe in our building and will continue to do so!


Big Room Refurb Complete

BIG ROOM refurb complete! Well almost. Some finishing touches to do here an there, but it’s back open! We even have thrown in a new desk!

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