**PLEASE NOTE** These strings measure 37" / 94cm from the ball end to the start of the silk winding. These strings have Red Silk at both ends of the string.

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Instrument	4- String Bass
Scale Length	Long Scale (Standard)
Gauge Range	40 - 100
Gauges	40 , 60 , 80 , 100
Wrap Material	Stainless Steel
Construction	Round Wound
Hex Core / Round Core	Hex Core
Standard / Double Ball End	Standard Ball End
Coated / Non-Coated	Non-Coated

Rotosound SM66 4-String Swing Bass Stainless Steel Roundwound Bass Guitar Strings 40-100 Long Scale

The most popular Roundwound bass string ever. Rotosound was the first string company to produce this kind of string. Introduced in 1962 it changed the sound of the instrument instantly. The favourite string of many players including Billy Sheehan, John Paul Jones and Geddy Lee.

The steel used to produce these strings is unique, combined with a highly secretive manufacturing process.

**PLEASE NOTE** These are Long Scale Strings.

The string measures 37 inches from the ball end to the start of the silk covering. N.B. These strings have silk at both ends.

Gauge SM66 - 40, 60, 80, 100.

Made in the UK
Code: SM66

Rotosound SM66 Swing Bass 66 Hybrid Bass Guitar Stings (40-100)


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