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This Pitch Black version is exactly the same as the classic TORTEX range but styled in black with silver logo for a darker, classier aesthetic. TORTEX is the pick used by the top musicians worldwide, and has been for decades. The Tortex material is made from a treated Delrin developed specially by Jim Dunlop; it's favoured for its combination of maximum memory, minimum wear and matte grip surface which means you can make these picks last a lot longer than others. The pick attack is bright and crisp which is great for definition throughout your playing style.

The chances are your favourite artists created their styles with TORTEX picks (unless Jim Dunlop has now made them a custom range instead!) including Slash, Gary Holt, Kerry King, Tony Iommi, John Frusciante, John Mayer, John Petrucci, Billie Joe Armstrong, etc... to name just a few.

Jim Dunlop TORTEX Pitch Black Guitar Plectrums 0.88mm, 12-Pick Player Pack

SKU: 488P88
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