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Ernie Ball 10ft Straight-Angle Braided Instrument Cable, Neon Pink Details

Long-lasting and durable thanks to tough copper wiring that won't erode
Anti-tangle design means you won't waste time straightening your cable
Designed to deliver your guitar's signal with maximum clarity
Seen across the stages and studios of the very best, you can always rely on Ernie Ball
Excellent clarity in a durable design. The Ernie Ball 10ft Straight-Angle Braided Instrument Cable is a premium guitar lead fit for both stage and studio. Its dual-shielded design minimises noise, ensuring your signal is always communicated with maximum fidelity.
It's road-ready. Tough copper wiring won't erode, meaning the cable is long-lasting. So it won't let you down, no matter how much you use it. And braided cloth covering prevents tangling. From guitar accessory masters Ernie Ball, this is a cable you can count on to help you perform at your best.


SKU: 134041
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