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Offered in a striking Gloss Black the single cutaway solid bodied Encore® Blaster Series™ E90 electric guitar is a fine example of the company’s attention to detail within construction, playability and exceptional tonal versatility.

With a mahogany body, mahogany bolt-on neck and fast 22 fret fingerboard with dot position markers, chrome T.O.M. bridge and stop bar tailpiece, this excellent guitar is certainly built to rock.

A pair of black, double-coil, open pickups with black surrounds enhance the natural tonal characteristics of the E90, delivering pronounced lows, rich midrange overtones and glassy highs, this intriguing guitar is perfect for just about every musical style, from jazz to blues, to pop, rock, metal and more.

The theme throughout the Encore Blaster Series is ‘quality’ and, with exceptional performance, playability and tone, the Encore E90 with free online lessons is indeed, an excellent first time electric guitar for the eager beginner.

Whilst the Encore Blaster E90 is an exciting ‘first choice’ electric guitar, for the complete package, the Encore Blaster E90 is also available as a fully equipped Encore Blaster Series Electric Guitar Pack featuring everything required for aspiring guitar players of all ages.

What better way to introduce music to the younger generation (and older) than the Encore Blaster Series of guitars and basses?


• Body: Mahogany

• Neck: Mahogany bolt-on

• Fingerboard: 22 fret

• Scale Length: 630mm

• Tuners: Chrome Diecast

• Bridge: T.O.M.

• Tailpiece: Stop bar

• Pickups: 2 Double coils

• Controls: 1 Tone, 1 Volume, 3-way selector

Encore Blaster E90 Electric Guitar ~ Gloss Black

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