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The Struggles Faced by small business in grassroots Music venues in a Post-Pandemic covid19 World  

Updated: Jan 28


The COVID19 pandemic has had a profound impact on various industries, small business and the music industry is no exception. Music studios, which have long been the creative hubs for musicians and producers, have faced numerous challenges in the wake of the pandemic. In this blog, we will explore the struggles that music studios have encountered in the post-pandemic landscape and the measures they have taken to adapt and overcome these obstacles.

1. Financial Challenges:

One of the most significant struggles for music studios post-pandemic has been the financial impact. With widespread lockdowns and restrictions on social gatherings, many studios experienced a sharp decline in bookings as artists were unable to come in and record. This decline in revenue, coupled with ongoing expenses such as rent, equipment maintenance, and staff salaries, created a severe strain on the financial stability of music studios.

To mitigate these challenges, studios have had to explore alternative revenue streams. Some have diversified their services by offering online mixing and mastering, remote recording sessions, and virtual collaborations. Additionally, studios have sought financial assistance through government grants, loans, and crowdfunding campaigns to stay afloat during these difficult times.

2. Health and Safety Concerns:

The pandemic brought about a heightened focus on health and safety measures, and music studios had to adapt accordingly. Ensuring the safety of clients and staff became a top priority. Studios had to implement strict sanitization protocols, enforce social distancing, and limit the number of people allowed inside at any given time. This meant fewer artists being able to use the studio simultaneously, resulting in reduced productivity and potential financial losses.

To address these concerns, some studios invested in technology and infrastructure to facilitate remote recording and virtual collaborations. This allowed artists to continue working from the safety of their own spaces while maintaining the collaborative nature of studio sessions.

3. Shift in Recording Trends:

The pandemic brought about a significant shift in recording trends. With travel restrictions and limited access to studios, many artists turned to home recording setups and DIY production. This change in behavior posed a challenge for music studios, as they had to find ways to entice artists back into their professional spaces.

To adapt, studios have emphasized their unique offerings and advantages over home recording setups. They have highlighted the superior equipment, acoustics, and expertise available in a professional studio environment. Additionally, some studios have offered flexible booking options, discounted rates, and tailored packages to attract artists who may have been hesitant to return after experiencing the convenience of home recording.

4. Uncertain Future and Industry Recovery:

The music industry as a whole faces an uncertain future, and music studios are no exception. The long-term effects of the pandemic on the music industry are yet to be fully realized, and this uncertainty makes it challenging for studios to plan for the future.

To navigate this uncertainty, studios have focused on building resilience and adaptability. They have explored new revenue streams, diversified their services, and embraced technological advancements. Many studios have also fostered stronger relationships with artists and clients, offering support and flexibility during these challenging times.


The struggles faced by music studios in the post-pandemic world have been multifaceted. Financial challenges, health and safety concerns, shifts in recording trends, and an uncertain future have all posed significant obstacles. However, studios have shown resilience and resourcefulness in adapting to the changing landscape. By embracing technology, diversifying services, and fostering stronger relationships.

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