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Enjoy a wonderfully easy playing action thanks to small scale design

Cutting edge style is unmistakably cool

Experience full, powerful electric sound courtesy of high-output humbuckers

It's all you could ask for in an electric guitar - at a frankly sensational price

Huge sound and gigantic possibilities. In a compact guitar at a minuscule price. The Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion MN combines electrifying sonic power with easy playability - the perfect way for beginners to learn while still enjoying amazing sound quality. Jackson's high-output humbucking pickups loaded into the JS1X will make your playing sound full and crisp. And they sound great with the volume cranked to the max.

Designed to make playing feel effortless, the JS1X features a smaller 2/3 scale length. This makes it easier to get to grips with every inch of the guitar's neck, allowing you to play more freely and comfortably - ideal for honing your skills. Add in stunningly cool style and a superbly affordable price, and you've got an all-out rock machine that you can't afford to miss.

Jackson JS1X Dinky Minion Snow White

SKU: 2912233576
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