Ernie Ball 6" Pancake Patch Cable 3 Pack, Black Details

Highly durable and reliable
Delivers a constant clear tone
Roadworthy construction, perfect for gigging musicians
Stronger connector less likely to break
A strong and durable cable you can rely on. The Ernie Ball 6" Pancake Patch Cable 3 Pack, Black is perfect for gigging and touring musicians thanks to its high-quality build and PVC exterior. It's easy to plug in and pull out. The top is flat so you can easily push it in and also grab to pull it out. This also makes the connector even stronger and less likely to break. You can also count on it to always give you a clear tone. Its dual conductors make sure your connections are solid and your guitar is always sounding the best it can. You'll get reliably clear, crisp tones all the time.

Ernie Ball 6" Pancake Patch Cable 3 Pack

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