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Electric guitar combo amplifier 10 W, with distortion and equalizer. This is a very simple and comfortable combo amplifier, which is suitable for both professional musicians and beginners. Bright sound, range of effects, such as time delay, tremolo speed, which can be easily set to match the tempo of the song.

Names and functions for each part

DIST. sw: Engaging this switch will activate the onboard distortion circuit for Guitar input signal

DISTORTION - GAIN: This adjusts the gain (level of overdrive distortion.) when using the distortion channel

BASS: This controls the low register

TREBLE: This controls the high register

VOLUME: This controls the output level

AUX VOLUME: This control sets the input signal for your external sound source


Purpose of the combofor Electric Guitars

Circuit DesignTransistor

Power, W10

Number of Channels1

Name of channelsDistortion

Equalizer, number of bands2

Number of Dynamics1

Speaker diameter, inches3


InputsJack 1/4"

OutputsJack 1/8"

EquipmentPower cord, user manual

Warranty, month12

Brand Registration CountryNetherlands

Country of originChina

Boston GLX LG10 Guitar Amplifier 10w

SKU: 8719147451010
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