We are working hard to keep everyone who comes into our studios safe and to enjoy their time here. 


The below is based on government guidelines and our policy when using our services on site.


All rules must be followed, failure to comply will result in you being refused entry or asked to leave.


Please note that we require all customers to comply with our covid19 safety policy – 1st August 2020


1 - Customers must not exceed the stated room capacity of 5.


2 - Customers must observe government social distancing recommendations

3 - Customers must observe the two person customer rule in communal areas


4 - Customers are requested to use sanitiser and wipes provided and will be temperature checked upon arrival.


5 - All Visitors / room hirers will have to sign in and share personal details for track and trace purposes and with GDPR compliance.

6 - Customers are requested to not use public transport to attend the studio


7 - Customers must not attend the studios if they are unwell even if it’s minimal.

8 - In the event of accident or injury, studio staff will not be able to assist customers but will call ambulances if required.


9 - Customers must not leave any items in studios.

10 - Customers must bring their own microphones where possible. 


11 - Customers must observe the 2m distance in reception from studio staff, except for card payments

12 - Customers must notify the studio in the event that they suspect they have covid within 14 days of visiting the studio.


13 - If customers leave any item in the studio, these will be safely disposed of unless customers can return immediately to collect.

14 - We request that customers remain in studio for the duration of the session.


15 - We have a single customer policy for our toilets.


16 - We request all customers to pay online where possible and cash payments delivered in an envelope with the name and payment details listed.

17 - In room support for problems will only be possible where proper social distancing can be observed.


18 - Anyone displaying symptoms such as a persistent cough or visible temperature will be asked to leave immediately.


19 - We ask customers to use common sense.

20 - We will be waiving all cancellation fees for customers displaying covid symptoms. They will not be permitted to access the studios for a period of 14 days following such a cancellation.


21 -Storage at the studios will not be possible until the risk level is low.



When you come in, please have masks on for temperature readings, Track and Trace and loading in.


Once in the room, and the is door shut, you can remove if you wish as the room will be sanitized after.


Going into communal areas such as the toilet, pop the mask back on. No teas and coffees are available at this time due to the current situation.